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Your driving school: Competence at the steering wheel, an eye on the environment, a focus on professionalism. Your path to safe and sustainable driving fun.


Features of our driving school

Exceptional quality as a driving school in Zug and the surrounding area.

Positive learning atmosphere

We attach great importance to a friendly and pleasant environment. Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process and are not considered failures.

Competent training

You get clear learning goals that help you understand your progress. Every learner driver is different, so it is important to address individual needs.

Environmentally friendly

You drive a zero-emission vehicle. State-of-the-art design and innovative technology awaits you. Don't be fooled, we're not lacking in performance.

Modern tools

We work with modern methods and tools. The latest regulations and traffic rules are also included in the lessons.


Our driving school training integrates practical experiences to prepare students for the real-world demands of road traffic. This includes driving in urban and rural areas, driving on highways and dealing with various traffic situations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The satisfaction of our students is central. If the lesson does not meet your expectations, you can report this immediately after the lesson and get your money back.


+41 (76) 723 57 42

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