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Terms & Conditions & data protection

1 / contract

Your contractual partner is Fahrschule Alper GmbH. The contract comes into force upon registration (orally, by telephone or online) and ends automatically after passing the practical test. The above-mentioned driving school undertakes to offer the learner driver flawless and proper training under the following conditions, which meets the requirements of the Swiss Road Traffic Act for the admission of persons to road traffic.

The conclusion of the training contract does not represent a guarantee for obtaining the driver's license, especially if the learner driver decides to take the practical test too early.

2 / Driving lesson

A driving lesson, also known as a driving lesson, lasts 50 minutes and consists of: welcome, communication of learning objectives, instructions, practical driving, final discussion and new appointment.

The valid learner's license must be carried with you to every driving lesson and presented before the lesson. Without a valid learner's permit, the lesson will be canceled with costs.

Appropriate footwear (no flip flops, long heels, boots with thick soles, etc.) and glasses/contact lenses are also mandatory if condition 01 is noted on the learner's permit.

Cancellations: Agreed driving lessons must be canceled at least 48 hours and 2 working days (Sundays and public holidays do not apply) in advance, otherwise they will be charged. A cancellation via SMS or email is only considered accepted if confirmed by us. This is because student drivers repeatedly sent an SMS to the wrong number or an email to the wrong address. Arriving late or failing to cancel on time from agreed appointments will be borne by the learner driver. Regardless of the reason for the cancellation. In the event of illness, the doctor's certificate must be submitted within 48 hours (medical certificates issued over the telephone will not be accepted).

3 / Prices, Subscriptions payments

Driving lessons must be paid for at the start or immediately after the lesson. 

Subscriptions are discounts and are only refundable if paid in advance. Driving lessons that have not been paid for in advance are considered individual lessons. Driving lessons of a subscription that are not redeemed after passing the driving test will be refunded to the learner driver. The unredeemed driving lessons will be credited back to the next smaller subscription. Any transfer that may arise will be paid out. The validity of a subscription ends after 2 years.

The prices can be viewed at any time on our website. We reserve the right to change these at any time and without prior notice. The promotion: Opening promotion is only granted if the 5 lessons are paid for in advance.


If several driving lessons have not yet been paid for towards the end of the training, these must be paid for by the day of the test at the latest. Otherwise, the driving school will refuse to accompany you on the exam. The resulting costs are borne by the student.

If driving lessons are not paid for in full or if an invoice is not paid in full by the due date, the learner driver will be liable. without further delay. An invoice must always be paid before the driving lessons to be taken. The student driver assumes all costs incurred by Fahrschule Alper GmbH due to late payment. In particular, the learner driver owes a reminder fee of CHF 30 per reminder.

4 / Administration and insurance flat rate

The administration fee and driving school insurance is mandatory from the first driving lesson and must be paid at the start of the training. If a trial lesson has been agreed, the administration fee and driving school insurance are not due for the trial lesson.

This includes services that are provided outside of the actual driving lessons, such as test registration, administration with authorities and costs for telephone calls and IT. Furthermore, during the training lessons, the increased risk for liability and comprehensive insurance is included in the insurance flat rate, with the exception of any deductible. The insurance reserves all guarantees in the following cases: driving under alcohol, drugs, medication abuse, fatigue. The one-off administration and insurance fee for driving lessons is CHF 120.00 and is no longer refundable from the start of the training and is only valid for the duration of the corresponding category (max. 1 year).

5 / Data protection

Fahrschule Alper GmbH is hereby authorized to store, use and pass on the personal data of course participants and student drivers to third parties who have been commissioned to process the data and are bound to strict confidentiality (accounting/fiduciary, insurance companies, homepage manufacturers, etc.). The photos taken during the courses or driving training attended may be used for our homepage, our own Facebook pages or our own advertising purposes. In the event of abusive or malicious registrations and/or registrations for our courses or driving lessons, the course or driving lesson costs must be borne in full by the person responsible. Further legal steps and claims for damages remain reserved.

6 / 100% satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we always strive to provide you with the best possible training. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our learner drivers.

We will provide a full refund of the fee for the immediately preceding driving lesson, this is to ensure that we can quickly address any issues or dissatisfaction.

Please note that refunds can only be given for the most recently completed driving lesson. Previous lessons as well as administration and insurance flat rates are excluded from this guarantee.

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